1. Our products are free from harmful chemicals

Allergic skin reactions to clothing is most often a result of harmful chemical used in processing the fabric or clothing.

From our test reports attached below, our products are free from most of the possible allergens for textile contact dermatitis.

Our reports show that the formaldehyde level in our products is 11ppm, which is far below the international clothing formaldehyde standard of 100ppm

Moreover, we replace metal buckles with plastic buckles which are safer substitutes for people with a nickel allergy.  Bra out there in the market are usually contain nickel– metal fastening, buckles and metal clips can cause dermatitis. We provide a safer option for nickel-sensitive people.

2. Our products are tag-less

Many people have found labels and tags irritating to their skins. These tags are sewn into the seams which usually means unpicking and resewing as even cutting them close to the seams leaves a scratchy stub. We substitute tags with imprinting the info on the garments to avoid itching or irritation to the skins.

3. Pima Cotton and Pure Silk used as the main fabric

One of the most basic tips for sensitive-skin-friendly clothing is to opt for natural fabrics made from cotton or silk. These natural fibres are breathable and can avoid irritation and discomfort for people with sensitive skin. 

We are the only brand that made lingerie with Pure Silk and Pima Cotton. We provide a specialized allergy-friendly lingerie solution with a broader range of sizes (also custom-made sizes) and support functions. We also believe that allergy-friendly bras can be elegant and feminine.

Test Report 1

Test report 2

Cotton is hypoallergenic since it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin or cause allergy. After all, cotton is one of the best natural fibre; it is breathable yet absorbent, soft yet incredibly durable. 

Pima cotton is extremely soft and does not get that pilling over time. The name ‘Pima’ is the generic term generally applied to Extra Long Staple Cotton. Pima cotton is one of the best cotton in the world. It is an extra-long fibre of cotton that provides maximum softness. Pima Cotton is tightly woven to provide a soft and non-pilled wearing experience to people with sensitive skins.

One of the common sources of clothing allergens is the excessive amount of chemicals used during the manufacturing process. Pure Silk is processed using mainly water, steam and heat which help ward off allergens; it is the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin.

Pure Silk is also known as a good summer fabric, is soft and cool to the touch. By research and studies, hot temperature and sweating are known to make eczema and atopic dermatitis worse. It can lead to itchy skin or “prickly heat” symptoms from the heat and/or sweating. Pure Silk being a natural fibre fabric, it works best in absorbing sweat and allows the skin to breathe. This natural fibre is designed to encourage ventilation and wick away sweat to help skin stay dry.

Pure Silk also repels mould, fungus, dust mites and bed bugs – major sources of allergens. Our garments using natural fabrics like Pure Silk and Pima Cotton helps in keeping our customers from common allergens left in the manufacturing process, and from sources of allergens like mould and fungus which favour humid body surface caused by sweatiness.

The inner crotch of our briefs is made with 100% Pure Silk, which quickly absorbs and perspires moisture, prevents odours and provides the best feminine hygiene care.

The pure silk inner layer is luxuriously soft, allergy-friendly and antibacterial. The Intertek Test Report has scientifically proved its antibacterial properties.

Test Result:

Pima Cotton and Pure Silk Fabric——

96.4% Effective Prevention of Staphylococcus Aureus, 99.9%Effective Prevention of Klebsiella Pneumoniae

Test Report

The test reports have indicated that Juliemay’s products are free from azo dyes, low in formaldehyde and have anti-bacterial properties. The formulation does not contain any cutaneous allergens of particular note (no rubber chemicals/nickel). The products have been designed to cause the minimum of physical and chemical irritancy, as well as being of low risk of cutaneous allergy.

Dr Natalie Stone

BA (Hons) Oxon, FRCP Consultant Dermatologist GMC registration no. 3667835