Building a Vibrant Community

At Juliemay, we believe in more than just making lingerie; we're building a vibrant community. By collaborating with partners who share our ethos of empowerment, ethics, and quality, we're creating a network dedicated to uplifting women. Our community, driven by women and committed to ethical practices. Together, we lead, inspire, and uplift. 

Natural Scottish seaweed supplements 

doctor Seaweed 

Award-winning plant-based supplements, supporting your natural health & wellness through sustainable Scottish seaweed Empowering women and offering supplements tailiored to menopause, cognative function and even pets!

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Natural skin care for sensative skin 


A fast-growing brand based in Brighton, making natural creams, oils and balms for sensitive skin. Founded by a mother who needed a safe, effective, non-stinging, non-steroidal emollient for her little girl’s severe eczema, Balmonds now specialises in natural skincare for sensitive, dry, allergy- or eczema-prone skin.

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Bra balancers  

We are Evenly  

Do you have one breast bigger than the other? Evenly can help.Evenly is a female owned business that exists to support anyone with breast asymmetry whatever the cause. Their first product, the Evenly Bra Balancer™ provides an innovative non-surgical solution to balance out breast unevenness with a choice of 3 thickness levels and a total of 17 sizes available to alleviate discomfort and help your bras fit better.

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Jewellery store

VK Jewellery 

VK Jewellery London came to life through the fusion, collaboration and commitment of two-family businesses operating in the industry for more than 40 years. VK Jewellery designs are versatile & delicate with sleek form and highlighted by diamonds and gemstones. Sophisticated, yet minimal and elegant, their designs are fashionable and on trend.

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Sustainable, skin friendly bars  

Beauty Kin  

Beauty Kin use the best natural ingreduently to make a skin friednly collection of solid sopas, shampooos and face washes. They have curated specialist science based bars to help tackle eczema, acne and more. 

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Iindigenouse natural skin care  

Thunderbird Natural Skincare

Thunderbird Skin is a fiercely independent indigenous and female-led company committed to proving skincare can be natural, effective and affordable.With concentrated, active ingredient-rich cosmeceutical grade formulations and a results-driven focus, our award-winning natural skincare can help you achieve your skin goals.From eczema to rosacea to pro ageing treatments, we can help.

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Personal stylist 

Emily Styled

“Looking and feeling confident about the way you look can make all the difference to how others perceive you. Your style is unique to you and by combing it with the most flattering colours and shapes, you can look your best every single day. A styling session with me will ultimately save you time and money and others will notice the difference!” Check out to see if she can help add a little style to yor wardrobe using what you already have!

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Period care

Here We Flow  

Our mission is to provide menstruating people with access to safe, eco-conscious period and sexual well-being products while also promoting education and awareness around sexual and menstrual health. We take pride in our range of organic, biodegradable period products and our commitment to reducing the environmental footprint of menstrual care.

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sensative skin care 


We’ve carefully selected clean and natural ingredients that will help you feel ready to tackle the world. In our range you’ll find soothing and natural oils as well as dermatologically tested, natural ingredients suitable for all over use, but also ph balancced to protect your intimate biome. We only want the best for your most delicate skin.

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HotTea Mammas 

HotTea Mama was founded by best friends Kate and Bethan in 2017.Using Bethan's career as a tea blender and her degree in tea science (yes, it's a thing!), they source the finest whole leaf, organic botanicals, to create award-winning wellness tea for any and all times of life.Women-owned, women-run and women focussed. But the goodness in our blends knows no bounds.

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Hypoallergenic friendly linens 

Silver Guard

Award winning Supima and organic cotton products that deliver comfort and style combined with antimicrobial protection. As the only brand with dermatological accreditation from the Skin Health Alliance, we offer the assurance that our products are safe for those with delicate skin. SilverGuard offers products for every room in the house, from the bedroom to the kitchen, including beauty and wash bags, aprons, tea towels, snoods and more.

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Ethical and sustainable search engine 

Ethical Clothing

If you are looking for the perfect place to meet all your ethical and sustainable needs,  Ethical Clothing will have what you need. We are listed along side some of Europes leading ethical fashion brands supporting sustainable projects and changing the way fashion is done.  

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