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We've all been through the adventure of finding the perfect bra size. With each body bringing its unique twists, it's like solving a delightful puzzle. But fear not, our team is here to guide you through. Here, you'll find a wealth of tips and advice to guide you in finding the perfect fit in JulieMay's bras. 

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Bra fitting guide

Bra Fitting Tips

  • Always refer to our size chart before buying for accurate sizing.
  • Measure, Measure, Measure! Take the guesswork out of bra shopping by a simple tape measure.
  • Mind the size differences among different brands and international variations; your usual size might not align!
  • Remember, our bodies change all the times. Never assume your bra size stays the same!
  • Trial and Error: Expect multiple tries; even if you've refer to the size chart. Every body is unique.
bra measuring guide

Measuring Tips

  • Measure over a thin, unpadded bra for accuracy.
  • Ensure tape stays in place for precise measurement.
  • Don't forget to re-measure for the best fit.
  • Bust Measurements: Slightly bend forward, measure around fullest part, level with the ground.
  • Band Measurement: Slightly bend forward, wrap tape under breasts tightly. If between sizes, opt for the snugger or looser fit.

Size Recommendation -
Which size should I go for if the first bra doesn't fit?

bra size recommendation

The cup fits right, but the band is too tight/loose.

Size up/down with sister sizes: if 36D's band is tight, try 38C; if loose, try 34DD. Go up one cup if you go down a band to keep the same cup volume, and vice versa.

bra size recommendation

The band fits right but the cup is too big/small.

Keep the band size, go up/down one cup size. Aim for a band that fits the middle or loosest hook.

bra size recommendation

Both the cup and band fit too big/small.

Adjust both band & cup sizes: if 36D is overall too large, try 34D; if is overall too small, try 38DD. Keep in mind the sister sizings: DD cup in 38 is larger than DD cup in 36.

bra size recommendation

My bra is in clothing size 8-18.

If your band fits perfectly but the cup is too small, go size up or explore our comfort bra collection with sizes up to G cups. If it is overall too small/large, simply go one size up/down. 

Style Recommendation -
Which JulieMay's bra fits my needs?

bra style recommendation


Unlike synthetic bras that allow for machine molding without seams, our delicate silk and cotton fabrics require hand-sewing. But these styles are designed to go smoothly under t-shirts.

Wired bras: Sunbleached, Valentina

Non wired bras: Ditsy Floral

bra style recommendation


These styles offer removable padding for push-up effects, perfect for enhancing cleavage or adjusting the fit for asymmetrical breasts. And we have front closure bras designed for easy on-off wear, ideal for post-surgery care and overall convenience.

With paddings: Skin Tone Underwired bra

Front Closure: Elysia, Grace

bra style recommendation

Excellent Support

These styles feature side panels and separate breast panels for optimal support, ensuring everything stays in place and providing excellent support, particularly for larger busts.

Wired bras: Rosie, Debbie, Ashley, Mercury

Non wired bras: Claret, Valentina, Skin Tone Non Wired Bra

bra style recommendation

Maximum Coverage

These styles feature a full cup shape, offering maximum coverage on the top for added support and comfort. Ideal for those seeking enhanced security and minimized movement throughout the day.

Wired bras: Skin Tone Underwired bra, Mercury

Non wired bras: GeorgiaFuchsia

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