Organic Cotton Bras Are More Than Just Hype & Here Are 5 Reasons To Prove Why

It’s not every day you find a product that ticks the boxes in all of the right places. So, when there’s something that truly does, they get so hyped up that they may now appear too good to be true, to some. This seems to be the case for organic cotton bras. 

Lately, we’ve been getting questions such as whether organic cotton bras are actually better than the rest and whether they are worth the extra money you have to fork over, compared to regular bras. These are great questions, and in this post, we’ll try to be as factual and objective as we can be. 


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  1. Organic cotton bras are hypoallergenic

If you are the kind of person who has experienced any form of fabric allergy, whether to latex, metals, or any of those harsh chemicals and dyes that clothing manufacturers use, you’ll understand just how relieving it can be to finally find bras that won’t trigger irritations around the delicate areas of your boobs. 

Fortunately, this here is exactly one of the biggest problems that an organic cotton bra solves. With a bra like this, you’ll never have to worry about skin irritations and allergic reactions because the bras are made from purely natural and allergy-free organic cotton fibres, making them suitable for everyone. 

  1. No dyes, toxins, or chemicals that could be harsh on your skin 

While cotton itself is one of the most hypoallergenic fabrics ever, the manufacturing process of organic cotton bras is also made to avoid the use of harsh textile dyes and chemicals. 

In the case of Julie May, the company’s organic cotton bras and bralettes are backed by a verifiable laboratory report that shows evidence of how Julie May’s products do not contain any of the 22 nasty chemicals and dyes commonly used in the textile industry, including formaldehyde. 


organic cotton bra
  1. Keep moisture and sweat under control

With the growing heat, an organic cotton bra helps keep things under control. First, cotton is sensitive to skin temperature and helps keep the body cool as heat increases. Unlike synthetic fibres like polyester and nylon, it won’t overheat your skin. 

Organic cotton fibres like Pima cotton, especially, are also great at absorbing not just heat but also moisture. They are highly breathable and help keep things like heat rash and itch, under control. This also means your bras are less likely to become breeding grounds for yeast and bacteria due to the moisture from sweat.


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  1. Super soft cotton bras give your boobs the love and support they need

Cotton is unarguably one of the most comfortable fabrics in the world. The fabric does not feel restricting, one bit. You’ll never feel any discomfort with the right size of bra. 

Some organic cotton brands also use certified organic Pima cotton, the best variety of cotton there is, in their products. Bras made from this fine cotton fibre are exceptionally soft and super comfortable. 

organic cotton full cup bra
  1. Organic cotton brands are good for the environment 

Organic cotton is cultivated under environmentally-friendly conditions.

Fertilizers, insecticides, and other chemicals that could be harmful to humans and the environment are avoided during cultivation through to the manufacturing process. If you’re an environmentally conscious person, there’s a lot of good in patronizing organic cotton brands. These products are not just great for your skin. They are also good for our planet. 

  1. These bras are durable – and worth the few extra bucks!

Organic cotton bras cost slightly more than regular bras – and boy are they worth the extra cost! Pima cotton, for instance, has extra-long fibres, much longer than regular cotton fibres. This simple natural characteristic makes them far more resistant to wrinkles, tears and fraying. When you invest in organic cotton bras like Julie May’s certified organic Pima cotton ones, you’re getting around 50% more durability, compared to regular cotton. Such impressive value for money!


Organic cotton bras are more than just hype. If you can get your hands on some of these beauties, your body will thank you. The hypoallergenic nature makes them ideal for super-sensitive skin types. This is not forgetting the softness and comfort they represent for the delicate tissues of the breast. 

Also important, the fact that they are devoid of all of those chemicals, dyes, and toxins that mainstream clothing manufacturers use, which could be very harsh on your skin makes the case for organic cotton bras very strong. We can only expect their popularity and acceptance to keep growing with each new day, especially with organic cotton brands like Julie May making these bras more affordable for everyday women



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