Organic Pima Cotton Bra Sets: 7 + 1 Reasons Why You Need These!


Have you ever felt like you’ve found the perfect bra, only to find out a few days later that even though the bra fits your cups perfectly, the fabric feels irritable on your skin? Along with a perfect fit and a beautiful appearance, we all want a bra that’s also comfortable enough. This is where cotton bras come in.
Here at Julie May, we offer our women certified organic Pima cotton bras and knickers.
Not only are these beautiful to look at, but they also guarantee all-day support and comfort for your delicate pairs. These bras have become quite popular these days and while they don’t cost an arm and leg, they’re also not particularly cheap. But if you’re wondering whether they’re worth the extra cost, below are seven (and one more) reasons you’ll love them;

1.   They are some of the comfiest bra fabrics ever

Finding a comfortable bra that doesn’t feel like a chore to wear is a struggle for many women. Fortunately, bras made from organic Pima cotton are the ultimate everyday wear bras.
These bras are great for just about any season and occasion because they’re extremely comfortable. They don’t feel restricting at all and they won’t make bra wearing a pain anymore.

2.   They feel like second skin softness

One of the reasons why cotton knickers and bras are extremely comfortable is down to the extreme softness of the organic cotton fabric.
So, if comfort is your thing (and it should be), these super soft certified organic bras should be part of your favorite underwear collection. They are highly breathable and feel just like a second skin on your body.

3.   They are hypoallergenic

You don’t want a bra that will keep irritating the skin around your breasts and buttocks. So, while you have to avoid bras that are too tight, you also need to avoid bras made from scratchy and elastic fabrics. The hypoallergenic nature of cotton, however, makes it a suitable choice for people with sensitive skin.
If you want to wave allergies, irritations, and pinching goodbye once and for all, your best bet is an allergy-friendly bra made from certified organic cotton, without any of those chemicals known to trigger allergic reactions on sensitive skins.

4.   They’re sensitive to your body’s temperature

Along with the ability to not irritate your skin, the cotton fiber does a great job of regulating your body’s temperature.
These kinds of bras help keep you cool during the day and also keep you cozy at night. This is the main reason why they’re a favorite for all seasons.

5.   They are light and breathable

If you find boob sweat uncomfortable and irritating, choosing a good cotton bra is one of the best ways to reduce sweat and moisture accumulating in the underboob areas. And this is all thanks to the breathability and lightweight nature of the cotton fabric. These bras provide light support for your cups without adding too much pressure.

6.   Organic cotton bras are ultra-durable

While cotton fabrics are durable enough, the Pima cotton used in our Julie May line of bras boasts 50% more durability compared to regular cotton.
This is because of the length of individual fibers in the Pima cotton, a type of cotton classified as extra-long staple cotton. The fibers are much longer than those in regular cotton. They’re also softer and more resistant to tears, wrinkles, and fraying.

7.   They’re pleasing to the eyes

Your cotton bras and knickers will mostly be worn underneath your dresses. But there’s no crime in buying for yourself some of the most aesthetically pleasing ones you can find, especially if they don’t compromise comfort and fit. Cotton is one of the most unique and beautiful high-end fabrics for bras, knickers, lingerie, and everyday wear.
All Julie May Organic Cotton Bras Are Ethically Produced!
Organic cotton bras are some of the best bras out there.
They’re great for sensitive skin, super soft, comfy, and provide light support for your cups. What differentiates our bras further at Julie May is that while these bras tick the boxes at all of the right places as far as comfort, softness, support, aesthetics, and skin sensitivity go, they’re ethically made from eco-friendly materials and produced through an environmentally friendly manufacturing process.
Whether you’re looking for the right sets of organic cotton bras suitable for your delicate pairs or need ethically produced lingerie and bras that provides decent support and comfort without compromising our environment, our line of certified organic cotton bras at Julie May are more than worth it. Good thing they don’t even cost a fortune.