We have collaborated with the University of Portsmouth, the Research Group in Breast Health to study bra performances and breast health with leading experts in breast biomechanics.

Research & Study

We are partnered with the University of Portsmouth, Breast Health Research Group and have done bra research and tests with them. The research group has been conducting fundamental and applied research into breast biomechanics and breast health since 2005.

Researchers from the University of Portsmouth, the world leaders in breast health, use the latest motion sensor technology to assess the performance of sports bras and everyday bras whilst simulating a range of movements and activities. We have invested in testing our products independently by experts in Breast Biomechanics. The research showed that wearing our organic cotton bra can reduce breast bounce by as much as 60%. Understanding the mechanics behind the amount of breast movement reduction provided by bras helps us continue to design the best performing bras that give the best support. 

We are honoured to have worked with them and gained so much knowledge on breast health. We encourage and support research groups, organisations or charities that improve the understanding of the importance of breast support and promoting breast health.

breast cancer research
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