Why Organic Cotton Bras Are The Best For Sore Breasts During Menopause

There are a lot of annoying things that can cause skin sensitivity for women. Menopause happens to be one of them.

This moment of change in a woman’s biology can induce different conditions for the breast from soreness to pain, tenderness, and size changes, among others.

To ease this pain, many women have found out that wearing the right bra matters, the right organic cotton bra, to be specific.

Most women will gain relief wearing a well-fitted bra. But there’s also more to managing menopause-induced breast conditions than fit. In this post, we discuss why organic cotton bras are the best for sore breasts during menopause.

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What happens to your breasts during menopause?

If you’ve ever wondered why menopause is called “the change of life,” it’s because of the huge potential of this change to affect every part of the body. The breasts are not left out.

Menopause begins when a woman has gone twelve (12) months since their last period. This change happens between the ages of 45 and 55 for most women.

Most of the changes that happen to the breast begin during the transition phase to menopause which is called perimenopause. These changes as well, are caused by the dramatic fluctuations of the estrogen and progesterone hormones’ levels in the body.

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The hormonal fluctuations during perimenopause can cause fluid buildup in the breasts, eventually causing a sore breast condition known as mastalgia. Both breasts may feel swollen and tender and may either become smaller or bigger during this period. Breast sensitivity is also a possible occurrence during this period.

While this pain usually goes away when a person finally enters menopause, the conditions often cause burning and throbbing sensations while they last. However, organic cotton bras can make a huge difference in keeping this pain at the barest minimum.

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Organic cotton bras for sore breasts during menopause

Medical experts recommend certain things to help women manage the changes that happen during perimenopause. Some of these include;

  • Fit and supportive bras
  • Warm compress
  • Regular exercise
  • Hot shower
  • Reduced caffeine intake
  • Cutting out smoking, etc.


Of all the things you could do to mitigate the pain and other changes that may happen to the breast during menopause, getting the right bra is perhaps the simplest thing you could do.

According to WebMD, as much as 85% of women will gain relief from pain with a well-fitted bra. Take Julie May's line of back support sports bras, for example. These bras are designed to be both soft and sturdy at the same time.

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While the design of organic Pima cotton sports bras helps reduce breast movement and discomfort that can contribute to further pain, the use of certified organic Pima cotton like it is in the Julie May line of sports bras gives the bra a super-soft touch on the breast’s tender skin.

And as it turns out, cotton bras are also perfect for women who may also be experiencing sensitivity around the breast due to menopause.

The cotton fabric is hypoallergenic and so won’t induce allergies, itching, or discomfort for even the most sensitive skin types. These, among other reasons, are why organic cotton bras are the best choice for breast soreness and sensitivity during menopause.

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Shop Julie May organic sports bra

Julie May bras are a smart solution to a delicate problem.

While we obviously cannot cheat nature or hinder its natural processes, we can at least do what we can to make life easier and enjoyable as we go through its different phases.

You probably will have several other things to worry about as you age. With certified organic cotton bras like the ones from Julie May, however, menopause-induced breast soreness should no longer be one of your worries. Happy shopping. You’re welcome!


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