Why my shoulder straps always slip?

Every woman has at least once in her life experienced the "shoulder straps slip". Shoulder straps should lift your breasts. Yet it often happens that they slip and do the opposite. But how can we avoid this situation?
First, it is important to know why this is happening.
There are numerous reasons why this might be happening, but the most popular one is when the bra is too old. With an old bra, it becomes inevitable that the shoulder strap will become loose and slippery. The best thing to do is replace your old bra with a new one.
If your bra is still new, and the shoulder strap starts to slip only after a few uses then it might be because of one of the following reasons:
1Incorrect bra cleaning method
The correct way to wash your bra is:
- Fill a clean sink or small tub with lukewarm water
- Use a mild detergent
- Lightly agitate for three to five minutes and rinse well
- Lay flat in its natural shape for air drying.
- Do not expose under the sun to avoid shoulder strap deformation.
If you machine wash your bra, remember to place it in a mesh bag to prevent deformation.
2    Poor quality
If your bra is of a poor quality, replace it with a higher quality one. And if you still experience that slip, then it is best to choose a thicker strap with non-slip functions.
non slip strap cotton sports braback support sports bra in cotton


  • A feminine, sporty look without compromising support!
  • It features criss-cross bands on back panel which pull the shoulders back and align body posture. This in turn, relieves back and shoulder pain.
  • Wide Side seam and smooth back eliminate bra bulges
  • Adjustable under band lets you personalize your fit and control your level of support
  • Perfect for a workout and everyday wear
  • Easy front closure
  • Wireless support
  • Made from highly breathable silk and pima cotton
  • Lightly padded for comfort and support
  • No metal trims. All hardware is made from non-metallic glass fibre.
  • Non-itchy comfort soft tag


GOTS Certified Organic Pima Cotton as the main fabric. Comfort with Support.

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