Tips for private part care, caring for your secret garden

The three main points of daily private part care
1.️ Keep your private part clean.
2️. Remove odor.
 3️. Prevent bacterial infection and itching.
Private parts cleaning and care
When bathing wash your private parts with warm water for best results. Refrain from using cold or hot water as the skin around your private part is very sensitive.
Do not use shower gel (the pH value of shower gel is about 7 and neutral, which could destroy the pH value of private parts, making it easy for bacteria to invade and cause an infection.
Panties selection and cleaning
Choose high-quality cotton underwear, make sure the material can absorb sweat and is not too tight in order to stay fresh.
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Keep your underwear clean and wash it every day.
If throughout your period your underwear gets stained, wash it with cold water; as this is the easiest way to thoroughly remove the blood. It is best to wash your underwear with a specialized underwear detergent. You can choose a natural and gentle lingerie wash that contains only mild chemicals that will not cause irritation to your skin.
Replace your panties
There is an incorrect notion that underwear must be replaced every six months. The truth is that there is no science that proves this to be correct. Replace your underwear whenever it starts to lose its color or is deformed. Underwear that has lost its color, elasticity and is deformed must be replaced immediately.
This might also be an indicator that your underwear is of a lower quality or that the moisture absorption effect and the permeability are not ideal.
Tips: If you feel like there is something wrong with your vagina, you must visit your doctor for a checkup.
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