Six signals that you must replace your bra

On average, women should replace their bra every 6 months, however, sometimes you need to replace it earlier. If you encounter 1 or more of the following 6 situations, that means that you have to replace your bra immediately.
  1. The cup is often moved up
If the bra moves up whenever you lift your hand. There are usually two primary reasons. One is that the strap of your bra has gotten loose. The other is that you’ve selected a wrong cup that does not fit your breast shape.
  1. Shoulder straps often slip
There are two main reasons why your straps often slip. First, they are loose due to wear, thus the adjustment buckle has become slippery. Second, the shoulder strap is too thin for your shoulder type. Women with narrower shoulders, should not choose a bra with a thin outboard shoulder strap.
  1. Dig-ins in your breasts
If you see a clear steel ring mark on your breasts when you take off your bra, it means that your bra is too tight or the ring has gotten deformed.
The bra rim should be like a contour that fits your breasts perfectly and provide good support.
Our Bendable WireTM technology replaced the traditional steel ring, and it offers best supports with no dig-ins, resulting in better the blood circulation.
comfortable underwired bra
  1. Loose Cup
Loose cups takes away the beauty of your breasts and significantly speeds up the sagging process.
  1. Dig-ins on your back
If you find a mark on your back after you’ve taken off your bra, it means that the length of the band of your bra is not proper. You need to re-measure your lower bust and then purchase the correct size bra.
Never purchase a bra that doesn’t suit you for this will heavily affect your breast shape.
If you recognize yourself in one of the above 6 situations, immediately replace your bras with the right one for your breast!