Posture Correction

Posture Correction

The position in which you hold your body upright against gravity while sitting, laying down or standing is known as posture. To achieve good posture, you have to train your body to walk, stand, sit and lie in a position that [laces least strain on the ligaments and supporting muscles. Everyone wants a good posture but its so hard to achieve if you already have poor posture. Acquiring good posture and being good at it involves learning new movements and positions as well as changing some life habits.

Ever heard of a hunchback? Have you ever stood up at 5 P.M to get out of the office and you feel like your body resembles a question mark? Have you noticed your neck protruding forward and rounded shoulders? All these and many more are signs of a hunchback. If you work in an office, and you slump in an office chair all day, your chest muscles tighten pulling your spine forward and rotating your shoulders inward at the same time weakens your upper back muscles that aid in posture. All this make you look like a hunchback.

One danger of having a hunchback is poor breathing. Your ribcage can’t expand properly restricting blood and oxygen flow to the body. Sitting all day in a poor posture constricts your lungs, heart, and intestines too. This can cause a myriad of problems including digestive problems.


The most common effects of poor posture are back, neck and shoulder pain. Bad posture puts a lot of pressure on your upper body, and you end up experiencing a lot of pain in the lower back, neck, shoulders, and wrists too. If you don’t have a hunchback corrected, you can end up damaging your spinal cord, and adverse effects include pain in the spine area and pain while walking.


One of the best ways to correct bad posture or a hunchback is by using a back support bra. It has a cross compression that pulls your shoulders back to help improve your posture. Wearing the support bra for the first time can feel a bit uncomfortable, but it goes a long way toward correcting your posture and the spine problems caused by a hunchback.

If you already have back pain due to bad posture, the back support bra provides excellent coverage for supper support alleviating the back pain you are already experiencing. The support bra is padded at the back to avoid discomfort and pressure on the shoulders. Avoid a hunchback today and stay safe away from spine and back problems.

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