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Cotton knickers UK collections use the best high quality cotton and silk as our signature. Cotton is generally acknowledged as being best for the health of your intimate areas. Cotton’s natural fibres offer anti-bacterial properties, which can be highly important for maintaining cleanliness on a day to day basis.
Cotton is also hypoallergenic, ideal for women with sensitive skin. Add to that the fact that cotton also provides resistance against odours and you begin to see why our cotton knickers, and indeed cotton bras UK collections, are the right way to go when choosing underwear for modern day life. But the style of your knickers can also be key to a comfortable day – here, we look at why.
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Comfortable Bras And Briefs Go Unnoticed

There are occasions when you want to dress up in sexy, stylish lingerie, but for most of us going about our busy daily lives, what we want is underwear that offers high levels of comfort and support. In fact, we want to virtually forget about the underwear we’re wearing – it’s just there, doing its job and not causing irritation or self-consciousness. 
That’s one good reason for customers choosing our cotton knickers UK collections. Cotton’s valuable, natural properties help prevent moisture build-up by drawing it away from the body. For ladies wearing cotton knickers, that means the growth of yeast and bacteria is inhibited, preventing painful and inconvenient infections. 
Selecting the right style of knickers for daily wear is also critical. Thongs can spread bacteria into the vaginal area, which increases the risk of bladder infection and pelvic inflammation. Briefs are more relaxed in their cut and though they lie flat against the skin, avoiding visible panty line, they don’t restrict movement or rub when worn.

Pure Cotton Knickers UK Collections Do Not Have To Be Frumpy

You may think that if you are going to opt for comfort, this means you will have to compromise on style or sexiness. That may have been the case for previous generations, but at Juliemay, we designed our pure cotton knickers UK collections and sell them with aesthetics in mind, as well as practicalities. We do this by using the best quality cottons for our lingerie, and adding a touch of luxury as well as appeal by designing our pure cotton womens knickers uk collections that incorporate silk, which again is an anti-bacterial breathable, natural material that also feels superb against the skin. And lace detailing adds the final touch in terms of the appearance of high-quality briefs. Correctly combined, all these factors help create the perfect briefs that look fantastic but feel great and keep your body healthy all at the same time. 

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Juliemay Lingerie Proudly Offers Stunning Cotton Knickers For Our UK Customers

At Juliemay Lingerie we know every woman has the right to look and feel great, so we’ve chosen only the very finest products to sell from our website at Here, you’ll find a fabulous selection from our delightful cotton knickers UK collections.

We’ve selected the best materials and created impeccable designs that will not only make you feel fresh all day long but look stunning too. If you have any queries about our ranges, which also includes bras for every occasion, you may email us at

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