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Cotton Bras UK Collections - Why Having The Right Bra Matters

Cotton bras UK collections are the best option for women for everyday wear. Cotton is a natural fibre and a breathable material, wicking moisture away from your skin rather than trapping as Lycra or nylon might do. This helps prevent chafing in delicate areas.
Our Cotton knickers UK collections are also often chosen in preference to alternatives – the cotton allows heat to escape, which stops yeast infections. But alongside the right material for your underwear, you also need to consider the right fit. This can make all the difference, whether you want an everyday bra or one for strenuous exercising or other activities. Here, we explain why the fit matters.
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Wearing Comfortable Bras Can Do More Than Just Prevent Health Problems

Obviously, it’s highly desirable to prevent chafing and heat build-up by opting for cotton bras UK collection, but there are other great reasons why you should shop around for the best lingerie for your needs.
First, your underwear provides the foundation for your outfit, whether you’re putting on comfortable clothes for weekend leisure activities or your best outfit for an important event. Having a bra that offers you the right support, and is comfortable too, gives you a real confidence boost. You can be safe in the knowledge that your breasts are firmly supported, and your bra will not shift around when you’re active.
Pure cotton bras UK that are chosen with the right considerations in mind help reduce the motion of your breasts when you’re working out, for instance, and that can help your figure over the longer term too. Without that regular support and control, women’s breast can droop or sag over time, and we’d all like to prevent that for as long as possible!
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Our Cotton Bras UK Collections Add An Additional Level Of Support

While you may want both wireless and underwired bras in your wardrobe for different outfits and occasion, underwiring is of particular benefit to women with larger breasts. Any well-fitting bra will support the breasts from below, which can help reduce back and neck pain, not to mention contributing to fewer headaches and even helping you breathe more easily. 
Most of our underwires including cotton bras UK collections, though, offer an extra element of support. They shift the weight of the breasts closer to the body’s natural centre of gravity, which can help reduce pressure on the shoulders and therefore minimise aches and pain. But even smaller breasted women can benefit from the assistance underwiring brings, as these types of bra give the bosom a lift, improving the look of your figure. All these benefits, though, very much depend on making sure you buy the right lingerie, in the right size and made of the very best material for your requirements.

Exceptional Support And Comfort - Cotton Bras UK Collections

We understand that comfort and support is everything when it comes to underwear. That’s why we only sell the best quality cotton bras UK collections, made from Pima cotton. Pima has a long staple; in other words its fibres are longer and silkier than many other types of cotton. This gives it a soft, luxurious feel. We also sell bras in a wide variety of easy-to-understand sizings, so you can choose exactly the right one for your shape.

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We sincerely hope you enjoy our products and happy wearing with us.