Hypoallergenic Underwear - Who are they designed for?

JulieMay’s allergy-free certified collections are designed for people with particular conditions:

   1. Eczema and Psoriasis

According to the NHS, the number of eczema sufferers has been rising steadily for some years and now stands at 1.3 million in the UK. The National Library of Medicine specified that the United Kingdom (UK) has a high prevalence of eczema, affecting 5-10% of adults.

New figures show psoriasis affects around 1.1 million people in the UK. About 1.7% of the UK population is affected by the chronic skin condition psoriasis, according to the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations (IFPA). The research team say the estimates could increase to 1.8 million or 2.78% when taking self-reported and under diagnosed psoriasis into account.


  1. Contact dermatitis
YouGov poll shows that 1/4 of Brits have skin conditions. 23% of people in England, Scotland and Wales admitted that they suffer from chronic, long-term skin conditions – this works out nationally to as many as 11 million of us with skin-related health conditions. Across the country, women were 20% more likely than men to be sufferers.


skin rash in the uk

Common causes of contact dermatitis include:


  • Fragrances, dyes, detergents or bleaches


The most frequent allergens are Disperse Blue and Azo Dyes, frequently found in the synthetics and polyester liners of women's underwear. JulieMay does not use bleach or other harsh chemicals when processing the fabrics. We have a verified lab report indicating 22 nasty chemicals are not present in JulieMay's material, including formaldehyde.


  • Chemicals found in latex and elastic products


Reported data suggest that the average prevalence of latex allergy worldwide is 4.3% among the general population. All JulieMay's straps and under bands have been carefully wrapped with 100% Pima Cotton so no elastics will be touching the skin.


  • Polyester or synthetic fibres


Polyester allergy falls under the textile or contact dermatitis category. According to Lloyds Pharmacy statistics up to 20% of people have some form of contact dermatitis.


Anyone can be affected by a polyester allergy, but women are more likely to experience it than men generally, as they wear more tightly fitted clothing, especially when they sweat. Not only JulieMay's collection is free from synthetic fibres and polyester, but the silk linings are also perfect natural cooling fabrics to avoid sweat and insulation.


  1. Skin rashes, hives or infection-related rashes


  • Skin rashes


Skin rashes are more common than we thought. The COVID Symptom Study, led by researchers from ZGL, shows that skin rashes are one of the most common symptoms for Long COVID. Google also indicates an increasing search for 'hypoallergenic underwear' since the pandemic.


  • Urticaria 


Also known as 'nettle rash' or 'hives', contact urticaria is very common and affects 1 in 5 people at some point in their lives. Hives are commonly found in areas like the under bust, waistline and around the thigh or calf area. Our high-waisted briefs with silk leg cuffs and anti-chafing design are some of our best-selling styles.


  • Infection-related rashes or Internal diseases


It is very likely for rashes to occur because of medical conditions, as commented by dermatologist Dr Caballero, ranging from Lyme disease, liver disease, or rheumatoid arthritis to lupus erythematosus and certain cancers. We have seen customers who have developed itchy skin due to gallstones, anaemia, diabetes and thyroid problems.


    4. Hormonal changes during menopause and hot flushes

JulieMay's Pima cotton bras are perfect for women who experience breast soreness and sensitivity during menopause. The silk linings can cool the skin during hot flushes, decrease contact between skin and irritants, wick away moisture and help to keep the skin in optimum condition for menopausal women.

 menopause underwear

JulieMay specialises in creating beautiful, allergy-friendly lingerie for women of all shapes and sizes. The collections, which have been tested and approved by dermatologists, address the different type of special needs for allergy-free underwear.


GOTS Certified Organic Pima Cotton as the main fabric. Comfort with Support.

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Accredited by AllergyUK to be friendly for people with allergic reactions to synthetic fibres and sensitive skins.

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