Five (5) Things To Consider When Choosing Ethical Lingerie

Ethical lingerie sets are few and far between.
But there are a handful of ethical fashion brands creating lingerie from fabric materials with the least impact on our planets through an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. At Julie May, we’re one of such one-of-a-kind brands!
But before you go shopping for bras, knickers, lingerie, and more in the hope of building your ethical lingerie collection, you’ll be better off going through our curated list of some important considerations to make your shopping well worth the time and costs.
1.  Keeping your buying purpose in mind
What you intend to do with your lingerie sets should impact your decision on what type of lingerie you would go for, ethical or not. Just like regular lingerie, lingerie sets in the ethical fashion sector come in different types.
While you’ll want to choose a sports bra for instance, when it comes to exercise, you’ll want to go for something different when you need sleepwear. So, before you invest in any type of lingerie just because it’s ethical, you also need to know how it fits into the purpose for which you need it.
2.  Not compromising comfort and support
Ethical does not automatically translate to comfort and support.
While natural lingerie brands like ours at Julie May have an advantage because of our use of natural fabric materials such as organic cotton that are hypoallergenic, you still want to be sure they fit your body curves comfortably.
Look out for ethical bras without inner liners made from synthetic fibers if you’re prone to allergies or have delicately sensitive skin. If you need extra push-up and support, you’ll want to go for lingerie sets bras with back support or any of the ethical bras with balconette-style designs. 
 back support bra
3.  Ensuring your lingerie fits perfectly
The thing about ethical lingerie sets is that there’s no one-size-fits-all. In most cases, your body type should dictate the type of lingerie that’s right for you.
Women with small body types will be better served with half cup bras that will give them a somewhat fuller appearance.
Those with more prominent natural curves would, on the other hand, want something that will better highlight their curves.
 A waist-cinching panty that could keep the belly in place makes sense if you have a flabby tummy.
Whatever type you go for, you want to be sure they’re not those that will be showing off too much mis-shapened flesh or one that will have your skin bulging and poking out of ill-fitting bras.
4.  Prioritizing quality over quantity
Quality still matters when choosing ethical lingerie.
While they don’t cost an arm and leg, they may cost a little more than regular. Whether you’re choosing regular lingerie, ethical lingerie, or lingerie from the slow fashion sector of the market, you should go for time-tested pieces that will make the investment worth it.
Some of our lingerie sets, for instance, are made from certified organic Pima cotton. This type of cotton with its extra-long fibers is softer but more durable than regular cotton. They’re also more resistant to fraying, wrinkling, and tearing, making them significantly more durable.
5.  Shopping at reputable natural lingerie brands
The thing about ‘ethical lingerie’ is that not every brand is to be trusted.
But once you find one you can trust, you can then stock up more of these natural lingerie brand products. If a brand claims to be in the ethical fashion sector, you might consider taking an extra step to check out what makes them so. Most reputable ethical or natural lingerie brands should have this information clearly explained on their websites.
  • Is the lingerie produced from natural and recyclable fibers like cotton, bamboo, etc., that guarantee the least possible impact on the environment?
  • Are they produced via a highly environmentally friendly manufacturing process that’s less harmful to our environment?
Whatever makes the brand ethical, the details should be clearly outlined on their websites such that customers can understand and relate to their story.
If you want to fill up your wardrobe with more ethical lingerie sets, you might want to turn your attention to natural lingerie brands like us at Julie May producing products that strike the right balance between comfort and consciousness.
Finding brands worth their salt in this regard is no easy task.
But once you can find such a brand to commit to, it becomes easier to become a part of their story, purpose, and journey. Along with finding the right brand, endeavor to check whether the lingerie conforms to your body and would fit your needs and purpose.