Comfort from the Inside Out: How High-Quality Underwear Can Help Manage Common Menopause Symptoms

Menopause symptoms start to kick in around 45 to 55 for most people. 

But it’s not uncommon to show up earlier in some cases. Going through this phase can cause a lot of changes in how you feel, both physically and mentally. For most people, the symptoms could range from hot flashes and profuse sweating to breast sensitivity, vaginal dryness, and insomnia, among others. 


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The symptoms of menopause could be quite uncomfortable, so coping with these symptoms can prove very challenging. But choosing high-quality underwear products can make coping with these a lot less challenging. 

Managing menopause symptoms and your choice of underwear products

One of the best menopause self-care advice involves investing in high-quality underwear like the widely-recommended 100% Pure Silk Camisole Top in White from Juliemay. 

This is because properly fitted bras and underwear can provide the right amount of support to alleviate breast pain and discomfort. 

Products made from breathable materials can also prevent infections and promote vaginal health during this phase. So, in this blog, we'll explore how high-quality underwear can support menopause symptoms, along with tips on how to choose the right underwear for maximum comfort and effectiveness

Breast sensitivity during perimenopause 

Breast sensitivity is one of the most common symptoms of menopause for many women and this is because of the series of hormonal changes and fluctuations happening during this time. The breast tends to retain more fluid during this transition phase, making it more tender. 


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Changes in the breast tissue and structure leading to menopause can lead to soreness and swelling. You’d need high-quality bras with the right fit and support to minimize the pain and discomfort. 

Bras with wide straps and under bands like Juliemay’s range of back support bras can help distribute the weight of the breasts more evenly and reduce pressure on the shoulders. It’s an added advantage that these bras are made with soft and breathable materials, effectively providing more comfort for women experiencing breast sensitivity. 
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Juliemay also sells a line of comfort bras most of which are non-wired. 

These non-wired options help reduce pressure on your back (and breasts, too). They are also padded to provide comfortable support without strain. Bras like these, made from luxuriously soft organic cotton and inner silk linings are the best options for common menopause symptoms like hot flashes and breast sensitivity.

Choosing underwear products to help with perimenopausal vaginal dryness 

Further hormonal changes during menopause can cause vaginal tissues to become thinner and dryer. This can make the vaginal feel less elastic, itchy, and sore. Worse still, it can make women undergoing menopause more prone to vaginal infections and urinary tract infections. 

So, how can your choice of underwear help with this? Let’s find out!


Choosing high-quality underwear made from breathable materials can help prevent infections and discomfort caused by vaginal dryness. 

The high-waisted High Waisted Organic Cotton Full Briefs and knickers from Juliemay are a perfect example of what the perfect underwear for your vaginal health should be. They are made from breathable allergy-free cotton and wrapped in silky-smooth pure silk fabric for both delicate details and a discrete finish. 

Unlike underwear products made from synthetic products that could be too tight-fitting and also cause chafing and irritation for an already-dry vaginal area, organic and breathable materials help prioritize vaginal comfort and hygiene to keep menopause symptoms under control. 


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Morpho - Organic Cotton and Silk Bra


Low sex drive during perimenopause

Decreased estrogen levels during menopause can cause some women to experience changes in their sexual function, including a decrease in sexual desire, vaginal dryness, and discomfort during sex. Other symptoms such as fatigue, mood swings, or depression during menopause can also cause changes in a woman’s sex drive, making them less interested in sex with their partners. Other ones such as weight gain, hot flashes, or vaginal dryness can also contribute to a decrease in libido.

Some of the tips to help overcome this include; 

  • Open communication with one's partner,
  • Seeking counseling and medical treatments such as hormone replacement therapy, etc. 
  • Practicing good self-care, including getting enough rest, exercise, and a healthy diet to improve your mood and energy levels. And;
  • Investing in high-quality lingerie and underwear to make you feel sexy and more confident.

  • Investing in high-quality lingerie and intimate apparel also works. 


    100 % pure silk cami for menopause


    The 100% Pure Silk Camisole Top In White we referred to earlier is a perfect example again.  The sumptuously soft cami is luxuriously lined in pure silk and designed for good looks as much as great comfort. High-quality and intimate lingerie products like this can help you feel more confident and sexy, positively impacting your self-esteem and overall well-being. 

    Invest in your comfort and confidence - with high-quality underwear

    Menopause isn't really that bad… said no woman ever.

    This natural transition period can be so challenging for the body and mind. From hot flashes that might make you feel like you’re sitting next to hell to increased breast sensitivity that could make the boobs feel tender and sore, these challenges are real and shouldn’t be overlooked. 


    You can do little to nothing to stop your body’s natural transition when you’re approaching menopause at full speed. Fortunately, your choice of underwear can greatly help in dealing with the symptoms of menopause

    From specially designed bras made from soft and supportive organic cotton fiber and silk to briefs designed to support vaginal health amidst the annoying dryness, prioritizing your well-being and comfort by investing in high-quality underwear products can help make the transition to menopause a little less challenging than it could be. Fortunately, these lifesaving products don’t cost an arm and leg. And if you’re looking for a good place to start, the products on offer at Juliemay will be more than enough to reposition you on the path of comfort and well-being.


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