Allergy-Free Bras: Can You Be Allergic To A Bra?

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Most of us wear bras for comfort and support for our boobs. But what happens when wearing your bras starts to cause discomfort and irritations around your breasts? 

We get how painful this can be, especially when you’re struggling to understand where the irritations are coming from. 

Could it be that you’re allergic to your bra? 

Would you be better off with allergy-free bras

We’ll answer these and a few other questions while we dive into the basis of common bra allergy symptoms and how hypoallergenic bras make all the difference. 

Five (5) common culprits for bra allergies

Rashes (especially sweat rash), hives, eczema, psoriasis, intertrigo, and boob-ne, are some of the most common bra allergy symptoms and manifestations in most people. 

Of all of the various reasons that could trigger some of these reactions, the following are the most common culprits;


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  1. Allergy-inducing bra fabric

You wouldn’t know how lucky you are if you don’t have any allergies. 

But many women with latex, nylon, and polyester allergies among others may find it almost impossible to stay comfortable in bras and underwear made from these textile products. If you’re susceptible to any of these common clothing allergies, allergy-free bras made from allergy-friendly products are what you need. 


allergic to bra hooks

2. Metal clips and hooks

Aside from fabric products, some people also suffer from metal allergies. One of the common culprits is nickel, a metal that causes allergies in 17%  of women and 3% of women

Metal allergy can be a problem with underwire bras when such wires pop open and poke at the skin. Alongside nickel, cobalt and chromate could induce an allergy rash on the skin when used in bras.


harmful chemicals in underwear

3. Harmful toxins/chemicals in bras

Chemicals such as formaldehyde, dyes, flame retardants, etc., used during manufacturing could also induce rash and irritations around the boobs for some women – more reason why hypoallergenic bras such as Julie May’s organic cotton bras are the best. Not only are these products made from certified organic fabrics, but the manufacturing process is also devoid of harmful dyes and chemicals that can cause rash and irritations for some women.


skin rash sweat

4. Underboob sweat 

We get that boob sweat sucks. But while they can generally make anyone feel uncomfortable, they can also trigger sweat rash, and induce or worsen eczema or psoriasis. Luckily, you can get to avoid this dreaded situation with the right kind of bra. 

Organic cotton bras made from moisture-wicking fabric materials like cotton and silk can help with this. These allergy-free bras are supportive and breathable and can help keep your breasts cool even while you’re working out. 


5. Friction from sports/workouts can cause boob-ne

Boob-ne (acne around the boobs) is an issue for many women.

This condition can be caused by a poorly-fitting sports bra and the inevitable friction that comes with workouts. This is something you need to consider if you have a large cup size or you’re regularly working out in your sports bra. 

If this sounds like you, start with ensuring you’re wearing the right size of bras to avoid skin chafing or suffocation. Julie May offers some of the best sports bras around if you’re looking to invest in some quality ones. 

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Quality sports bras of the right size, made from premium products would help reduce the possibility and intensity of sweat and oil buildup. Additionally, avoid lounging around in a sweaty/dirty sports bra. Change bras as soon as you’re done working out, and keep different pairs so you don’t have to wear one for days in a row.

Why you need allergy-free bras

Developing an allergy to a bra that’s supposed to keep us comfortable is perhaps one of the trickiest things our body does, and it’s not even funny.

Fortunately, with allergy-friendly bras, you can almost always avoid this dreaded situation. 

From using moisture-wicking fabric such as cotton and silk to help you beat the heat on hot days to the hypoallergenic properties of these fabrics that make them perfect for women with sensitive skin, there are more than enough reasons for every woman to invest in some quality allergy-free bras. No more sweat rash, hives, or other irritations after wearing your bra for a while. The good thing is these bras still manage to be sexy enough while providing the comfort and support your boob needs. 


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