Why You Need a Nursing Bra and How to Find the Perfect Fit

Why You Need a Nursing Bra and How to Find the Perfect Fit

Making the transition to motherhood is not something easy to do. In fact, you might find yourself thinking about many things that you forget the one item that you need the most after giving birth: the Nursing bra. To make things easier for you, here is what you need to know about a nursing bra and how to find a right size for yourself.


Why do I need a nursing bra?

This might be the first question you ask when you first get pregnant or during your pregnancy period. Sometimes, you might hear people saying that wearing a soft bra, which you can pull up or down easily is an option for a nursing bra. However, a nursing bra is essential, especially during the breastfeeding period. A good nursing bra is similar to maternity bra. The only exception is that the bra has special straps that stay in place when you are breastfeeding. A nursing bra is also essential during the pregnancy period as it allows you all the comfort you need during pregnancy.

Moonkiss- Cotton and Silk Comfort Nursing Bra
Moonkiss- Cotton and Silk Comfort Nursing Bra

Tips for finding the best fit nursing bra

Finding the right nursing bra is a must. It keeps your lactating breasts healthy and comfortable. To start you off, here is a simple guide on Howe to find the best nursing bra:

Determine the bra size

Measure yourself first before buying the nursing bra. Measure around the back, above your breast, and under the armpits before buying the bra.


Know your cup size

Knowing the cup size is an important thing too. Make sure you measure around your breast center rather than under the armpits to know the cup size.


Final words

Finding the right fit nursing bra is very important. Wearing an improper fitting nursing bra will lead to other lactating breast issues. Take your sweet time when finding these bras to avoid issues in the future. Also, the right fit means you will have the comfort you need when breastfeeding.