Pima cotton is the best cotton in the world. It is an extra-long fiber of cotton that provides maximum softness.

You might wonder aren’t all cotton the same? No, they aren’t.

The longer the staple of the cotton, the better the quality. Pima Cotton measures about 2 inches in length while short staple cotton is estimated to be 0.75 inches long.

One of the main reasons why your bras are not breathable is because the fabric is cheap and loose therefore it creates thermal insulation. Pima Cotton is tightly woven to eliminate that uncomfortable and sweaty feeling.

Pima Cotton’s softness is unmatched. Due to this softness, it is ideal for people with sensitive skin. Due to its quality, bras made of Pima cotton are soft and long-lasting.

We are proud to be the first in this industry to sell lingerie made of Pima cotton and Silk. We are certain that our clients will enjoy the luxuriously soft and superior quality of Pima cotton with our lingerie.


Pima Cotton vs Generally-used Cotton

Pima Cotton

Generally-used cotton

Extra Long Staple (about 2 inches)

Short Staple (about 0.75 inches)

Soft to touch, Silky on skin

Could be scratchy


Easy to pill

Breathable, comfortable to wear

Might be sweaty

Durable and long-lasting

Deform and wash out easily