MoonKiss-Bottom Tight Control Postpartum Girdle

MoonKiss-Bottom Tight Control Postpartum Girdle

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  • Body Fabric: 60% Nylon,  40% Spandex
  • Inner crotch: 100% Pure Silk

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  • Custom Size (10-15 working days)
  • 8
  • 10
  • 12
  • 14
  • 16


  • Bottom-shaping: uplifting and tightening your bottom curves
  • Leg-shaping: extended leg design, Design with comfort, never rolls up
  • Pretty embroidery design with an intricate black lace giving a glamorous look
  • Pull-up girdle that is invisible under clothes
  • Antibacterial pure silk crotch to prevent odour
  • No roll up/down, no slip, no rubbing or itching to the skin, comfortable without deform
  • Comfort Soft Tag: no itching or irritation to your skin. No more scratching tags!

Q & A

Pelvic and abdominal stretching during pregnancy can cause the waist, hip and thigh muscles to loosen, which leads to posture abnormality and deformation.

This bottom tight control postpartum girdle offers the maximum support required for natural birth or c-section recovery:

• Recovers muscles, helps muscles memory and tighten waistline.

• Improves posture and relieves back pain by providing support to the back and lower waist.

• Double compression on hips to correct pelvis position by tightening ligament and stretched muscles.

• Compress blood vessels to flush fluids from the skin thus reducing swelling to allow your body to shrink back to its normal size.

• Speed up recovery from natural birth or c-section.

You can wear it right after childbirth up to 8 months but it all depends on your recovery process. You can wear it every day 24/7.

After the postpartum girdle, you might want to consider a bodysuit shaper to regain your full body shape. A bodysuit shaper offers full body support to correct bad posture and effectively relieve back pain. It has straps and built-in bras to support the entire body.

Yes of course. With its extensive features, this girdle is also perfect for body support and shaping. You can expect the same level of comfort with this special design girdle.


Infrared Slim™

• Improve the body’s blood circulation and boost metabolism

• Adjust body temperature making them comfortable to wear during all seasons.

• No more sweats when firming your curves!

* All our products are quality assured and tested.
[email protected] Textiles Test confirmed the existence of Far Infrared Radiation Properties.

Ladder-Type Pressure™

• A special sewing technique that goes along with the human body curves, instead of creating uniformed tension on all areas

• With this technique, our shapers stretch with your curves to ensure comfort and eliminate sagginess


2 reviews for MoonKiss-Bottom Tight Control Postpartum Girdle

  1. Jamie

    The girdle is supportive, I went with a size 14 (I am usually a 12 but didn’t want it too tight, they were just right!). The girdle is just the right amount of tightness. Wearing it made me feel so confident, which is something I have struggled with since having my daughter and I know will resonate with many mothers. I am proud that my body brought life into the world, but sometimes my new shape and size can make me feel insecure. Having lingerie that fit me well and was comfortable, whilst still looking pretty and feminine definitely made me feel proud of my body.

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    Image #2 from Jamie
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  2. Seyi

    My main reason for getting this was to enhance my shape especially when I have an event to attend and I’m having a bloated tummy day.

    It definitely worked as you can see in the picture above. The shapewear flattened my tummy and also made my outfit fit better around the waist.

    I like that with this piece, you don’t need to wear a bra with it.

    The only thing I wished was slightly better is how the lace fabric shows through the outfit. This means I won’t be able to wear this outfit with every type of fabric as the outline of the lace fabric is visible through some materials

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    Image #1 from Seyi
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