Bra Fitting Guide

Finding a perfect fitting bra is a vital part of how well your wear your lingerie. A properly fitting bra does not only improve support and comfort. It makes you feel more confident all day long.

we’ve put together the fitting tips and step-by-step guide.

How to wear a bra correctly 

1. Put both arms through the cuffs.

2. Buckle up. Most bras have 2 or 3 adjustable buckles, so you can adjust the bra slightly to make it fit.

3. Adjust the shoulder strap.

You need to adjust the shoulder straps to ensure that they are not too tight or too loose. The straps will slip if they are too loose, leaving you to feel uncomfortable. This also affects the cups for they will get pulled to high if the straps are too tight. 

4. Touch the bra to see if it has been placed correctly.

When you put on your bra and adjust the shoulder straps, you should gently pull the shoulder straps and the side of the bra to make sure it fits. Then, you should make sure the breasts are inside the cups.

5. Bend down.

Bend down and move your breasts in the right position.

6. Move the breasts into the cups.

Touch the side of your breast to check if it is squeezed out. If so, move it manually back into the cups and lift both your breast up with both of your hands to ensure that your breast sits smoothly in the bra. Make sure that the cups cover the breasts completely.

Fitting Tips

1. Always check the underband

Your bra underband provides 80% of the support you need. This makes finding a bra with the right fitting underband an important endeavor. 

2. Consider the back

Make sure the back is in line with the front. Fasten it on the loosest hook and make sure fits. Since a bra naturally stretches over time, you need to make sure it is fastened on the right hook. 

3. Check the cup height

The cup height of your bra should always not be high under the arms. If it is too high, it may cause discomfort when you wear them.

4. Cup fill

The breast should fit neatly with no excess spilling or no empty spaces left. 

5. Make sure your center-front if perfect

Your center-front should always sit against the chest to fully secure and support the breast correctly. The center-front is the part between both cups of your bra.

6. Always mind the straps

The final part of finding a right fitting bra is adjusting the straps. The straps should be firm, but comfortable. You may need to loosen them up if they are too tight or tightening if they fall off.