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    picutre for blog article 6 tips to stop your bras from hurting your breast

    Following are the 6 most common bad habits women have when wearing a bra. You might even find yourself doing one of them, stop these habits now to protect your breast! 1. Never adjust the shoulder strap Do you adjust the shoulder straps before wearing your bra? Adjusting the shoulder strap is important. When the

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    The most important role of shapewear is to improve the body shape by supporting the fat gradually. The quality and material a shapewear is made to have a great impact on your body. Therefore, before purchasing your shapewear, take into consideration the following points so you can choose the shapewear that fits you: 1. Strength

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    posture correction blog

    The position in which you hold your body upright against gravity while sitting, laying down or standing is known as posture. To achieve good posture, you have to train your body to walk, stand, sit and lie in a position that places least strain on the ligaments and supporting muscles. Acquiring good posture involves learning

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    blog picture 1

    One of the biggest concern and greatest fear of expecting mothers is snapping back into shape. Even though giving birth is a wonderful experience and brings the ultimate happiness to a couple’s life, women still fear that they might not get their old body back, here are some tips to make the process go easier.

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