8 Tips on Getting Back In Shape after Pregnancy

Even though giving birth is a wonderful experience, one of the biggest concern and greatest fear of expecting mothers is snapping back into shape. Here are some tips to make the process go easier:


1. Always exercise during pregnancy

The journey to a successful postpartum weight loss starts long before the baby enters this world- it starts during your pregnancy. Exercising during this time is crucial as this will keep your muscles lean thus making it easier to get back into its old shape. It also makes returning to your exercise routine a breeze.


2. Use postpartum shapewear

It is ideal to wear postpartum shapewear after giving birth. A quality postpartum shapewear will allow the body to heal and helps tighten the skin on the waistline, breasts, butt, stomach, legs, hips and ribs.

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3. Always maintain correct form and posture.

As stated before, during pregnancy the body goes through extreme modifications which can only be corrected after pregnancy. It is therefore important to use postnatal abdominal muscle bracing that draws in the pelvic floor and lower abdominal muscles. Breathe and stand correctly during the entire day to maintain a perfect posture. Don’t put too much pressure on your back and stand with your abdominal muscles drawn in, your shoulders back and gently nod your chin in. Aim to maintain this position regularly during the day.


4. Wear a supportive bra

Having a baby significantly alters the entire body. The breast is one of the places that stay in this modified state for the longest and therefore needs special care. A great supportive post pregnancy bra will be needed for this. Most woman struggle with one of the following issues: asymmetrical, smaller, or less firm breast or lack of breast volume and loose skin. With a supportive bra, you can easily bring your breasts back to normal. These bras were made with smooth, seamless edges that won’t dig into your skin.

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5. Breastfeeding

Every mother knows the importance of breastfeeding, but not many people know that it can actually help you lose weight after giving birth because the body burns extra calories to be able to produce milk. Research shows that you tend to burn about five hundred calories per day by just breastfeeding.


6. Drink plenty of water

It is important to drink a fair amount of water after pregnancy and here’s why: water keeps you hydrated, it helps the production of breast milk, it also assists the body in flushing away all the excess fluid left after pregnancy.


7. Strengthen key muscles

Your postpartum workout should include high-intensity workouts to strengthen key muscles. You must do exercises that focus on strengthening your abdominal muscles to strengthen your torso and improves posture and alignment, your pelvic floor muscles to regain full control of your bladder and lumbar spine and pelvis stability and your internal oblique. You might want to try out some kegel exercises too.


8. Exercise before the 6-weeks

You don’t have to wait for the 6 weeks to be over to start exercising because the longer you wait after giving birth the longer your body stays in a relaxed state and thus you get weaker. It is, therefore, better to start as soon as possible. However, be cautious of the type of exercise you do, you do not want to strain or harm your body.

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