6 tips to stop your bras from hurting your breast

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Following are the 6 most common bad habits women have when wearing a bra. You might even find yourself doing one of them, stop these habits now to protect your breast!

1. Never adjust the shoulder strap

Do you adjust the shoulder straps before wearing your bra? Adjusting the shoulder strap is important. When the shoulder straps are too lose they won’t be able to lift your breasts. Make sure that the shoulder straps are not too tight either because they can cause unsightly marks. The appropriate length of shoulder straps play an important role when fixing and reducing the damage to the suspensory ligament of the breasts.


2. The bra is too tight

If the bra is too tight it will directly affect the blood and lymph circulation of the breasts; this may cause ischemia. In severe cases, it may cause hyperplasia of the breast or even trigger breast cancer.


 3. The bra is too loose

A loose bra generates its own set of problems. Often, in this case, the cup becomes loose and ill-fitting. When the cup is loose, the breast doesn’t sit correctly and more importantly it doesn’t provide the needed support. Prolonged usage of a loose bra will accelerate the sagging process especially for women with bigger breasts.

4. Sleeping with your bra on

Many women go to bed with their bra on. Reasons for this vary; some do it because of laziness and other are afraid of sagging. However, wearing a bra (especially those with the steel ring) 24 hours a day, can cause poor blood circulation and cause various breast diseases.

Breast need to be in a “relaxing” state often and that state can only be achieved when the bra is off. So don’t forget to take off your bra when you’re off to bed.

5. Not wearing a bra because you have ‘small breasts’

There is a rumor floating around that women with small breast don’t need bras. The truth is all women need bras. 50% of small breasts are not really small, it is in fact because these breasts contours are not apparent without a bra so it looks smaller than it really is. 

Regardless of your bra cup size, your muscle and ligament will bear the weight of your breasts during daily activity. This can put irreversible pressure on your breast if not protected with a bra.

6. Never replace a new bra

The lifespan of a bra is about 3 to 6 months, but the replacement of the bra really depends on your comfort. Repeated wear and wash of a bra will loosen the elasticity and weakens the fabric. Problems like deformation, fabric dyeing, and loss of elasticity in the shoulder straps will have adverse effects on your breasts and skin.

Wearing the correct bra not only protects your breast but it keeps them healthy and in a natural shape. It is important to wear your bra correctly so it doesn’t negatively impact the shape and health of your breast.

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